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My daughter has been a patient of Febres Dentistry since her first tooth appeared almost 9 years ago now. By far, the service she has received has progressed beyond our wildest imagination.

As a toddler, she suffered a health problems that Dr. Febres helped us navigate. Though she served as a dentist, she helped our family contact the correct pediatric doctors and equipped us with questions we would otherwise fail to ask. Now Dr. Febres and her team serve as dentist and orthodontist. Her concern for patients is amazing. More, she is surrounded by a team who is equally concerned about patients. They are able to assuage worries/concerns of parents as well as make little patients feel comfortable.

With each visit, they prove they are my family. In fact, when I call, they recognize my voice immediately! Customer service in many medical areas is not always the best, but this office provides stellar service. If patience is a virtue, and I believe it is, this practice surpasses even the highest bar. My thirty minute drive is worth it EVERY SINGLE VISIT. I highly recommend this practice to any family seeking a great dental experience for their child/(ren).

Maia F.

I have taken my daughter here since she was 9 months, she’s now almost 5. The entire staff if so sweet and caring so we always look forward to attending my daughter’s appointment. She loves all the gifts they give her like the balloon animals, rings, and tooth cleaning goodie bag. Very thankful for their amazing service and sincere care after all this years.

Dr. Febres is exactly what you want a Dentist for your children to be: genuine in their care for them and their dental hygiene, gentle (both with their touch and voice), informative, knowledgeable and patient. Dr. Febres staff is equally awesome, both her assistance and the front office. I have United health Care as an insurer and again this Dentist office works to make sure my insurance company is paying their fair share so that I only pay for what I need to – I never feel as if my children or my money are taken advantage of – I only feel like we are being given the very best care by some really good people.

You can tell this is a love, passion for everyone working there and it shows or rather shines through. Also the design in the place is awesomely inviting for the children – its not a cold sterile office, but a magical jungle full of animals and things to explore.

Each child leaves with a kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss etc.. and you get to pick out a toy at the end, or a balloon animal. Also I feel I need to add that my 9yr old son is Special needs and comes with some challenges and I also have a 7 yr old daughter who is a Diva. Both children actually look forward to going to the dentist! The only complaint I ever have is they both hate the fluoride treatment, but hey, I can live with that!

Yemaina A.

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