Dental X-Rays for Children

To provide the essential care your child needs we use dental X-rays in our office. These dental X-rays are essential in treating problems such as cavities, bone diseases, orthodontic alignment, bone injuries and tooth decay. These are problems that the naked eye just can’t see.

Dental X-rays are performed with radiographic equipment and this equipment does produce radiation. Technology today has made many modern advances on dental X-ray equipment that produce extremely low doses of radiation.

Febres Dentistry for Children has the most modern dental X-ray equipment available and delivers the smallest amount of radiation necessary to ensure your child’s safety.

Febres Dentistry employee looking at x-ray of mouth with a mother.

What Our Dental X-Ray for Children Includes

We believe that safety and protection is of the most importance. Information and understanding what a Dental X-ray involve, along with being pro-active, is the first steps in protecting your child from harmful radiation during any dental procedure.

Types of X-rays we administer:







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Our Process

We believe that safety and protection are the most important factors to consider when getting X-rays. We follow the guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for periodicity of X-rays and radiation exposure.

During every dental visit we evaluate the growth and development of your child’s teeth with the use of dental X-Rays. The dental X-ray procedure is not painful in any manner to your child.

We will take X-rays and through observation we will determine the dental health plan and care for your child.

Why Choose Us

We love children, and our practice takes your children’s dental care to heart.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Febres knows and believes that early diagnosis of detrimental dental habits through the use of X-Ray can have a high impact on your child’s oral development into adulthood.
We are dedicated to your child’s smile every step of the way.

Our goal is to give them a place for fun, play, and discovery while receiving the best early orthodontic dental treatment we can provide. To us, you are family, and we will treat your child as one of our very own.


When should it be the first visit to the dentist for my child?
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends for children to start seeing a dentist as soon as they turn 6 months old and no later than a year old.
How much radiation is delivered during an X-Ray?
A dose of radiation from dental X-ray equipment is very low.
What types of toothbrush should I use for my child?

Most dental professionals agree that the use of brushes with soft bristles is the way to go. Soft bristles are great for removing plaque and debris from your child’s teeth and gums. If you would like to request an appointment, please call 281-597-0404. We would love to talk to you about your children’s dental needs.

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