Preventive Dental Care


Children are our specialty. We believe preventive dental care starts at the earliest of ages. Prevention is the key to a lifetime of good dental health and we encourage your child to be seen as early as six months of age.

Early preventive dental care and treatment has many advantages in establishing positive dental care beginning before your child’s first tooth. We want to protect your child’s smiles with early preventive dental care by starting positive and proper dental hygiene habits that last a lifetime.

Febres Dentistry for Children offers your children the care, expertise, knowledge and our years of experience to ensure your child’s dental visits are pleasant, positive and enlightening. We love healthy-bright smiles!

Two Febres Dentistry employees and mother holding her baby in arms.

What Our Preventive Dental Treatment Includes


Dental Home Program


Cavities Risk Assessment


Dental Hygiene Education


Dietary Counseling


Fluoride Treatment


Pre Natal Education


Tooth Sealants


Oral Growth & Development

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Our Process

Our preventive dental treatment starts as early as 6 months of age with the development of your child’s dental home program: a place where they can receive consistent, comprehensive, and compassionate dental care delivered in a family-centered way.

Our dental home program instructs the parents or caregivers and child in proper oral hygiene techniques.

Why Choose Us

Children are dear to our hearts and our practice takes your children’s dental care seriously.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Febres knows and believes that early diagnosis and preventive dental habits have a high impact on your child’s oral development into adulthood.

We are dedicated to your child’s smile every step of the way and our goal is to give them a place for fun, play, and discovery while receiving the best preventive dental treatments we can provide. To us, your children are like family, and we will treat your child as one of our very own.


Does my child really need oral sedation?
If your child has to undergo any significant dental procedure, we recommend oral sedation for comfort during the procedure. Dr. Febres will explain all details with every oral sedation method we use.
Can I wait until the baby teeth fall off on their own?
Baby teeth stays in the child’s mouth for a long time. The anterior teeth are lost earlier when the child is getting close to the 6th birthday, but they lose the posteriors or molars around 11-12 years of age.

Everybody is under the impression that they fall anyway so why fixing them? There are several reasons why we would like to preserve them healthy.

1) They save the space for the permanent teeth. If they are loose prematurely, then the permanent teeth will come out crooked.

2) They help the child bite their food.

3) They need to be healthy to lead the way to healthy permanent teeth. If baby teeth are decayed, the permanent teeth will decay too. Dental decay is an infectious disease.

Are X-rays necessary?

Yes, X-rays are needed for proper evaluation. There are areas between the teeth not visible with the naked eye. The X-rays enable the doctor to view all areas where cavities can be found.

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